“Justin has ‘the gift’ of being very comfortable in front of his audiences.”
– Stephen J. Gehlert, Executive Director, Ohio Funeral Directors Assoc.

“Your high energy message made for an entertaining presentation that was very well received by our members.”
– Diana O’Neal, Meetings Coordinator, Ohio FDA

“You hit a homerun with your presentation! Our members couldn’t stop talking about the excellent blend of energy and practicality you use in your speeches.”
– Mark Allen CAE, Executive Director, The Casket and Funeral Supply Assoc. of America

“I was recently speaking with one of my clients who attended your speech. Your comments regarding the sharing of food being a ‘Rite of Passage’ had the most impact on him. You made him think and more importantly change the way he conducts business. He now offers catering services to every one of his families!”
– Philip G. Cox, Astral Industries

“Justin’s exemplary speaking style shares common ground with Todd Van Beck’s wit, Norman Vincent Peal’s eloquence, Joel Osteen’s inspiration and Anthony Robbins’s motivation. He is a true class act!”
– Scott Raab, Funeral Director, PA

“What I learned from your presentation, was that regardless of what it is you’re trying to accomplish in your funeral home (i.e., anniversary of the home, kickoff to a community project, announcing of a new home, etc,) that if you believe in what you’re doing and work hard at communicating the facts then it’s a sure-fire win!”
– Theresa Mack, Executive Marketing Assistant, Homesteaders Life Co.

“The only criticism I have of Justin’s speech is that I wish it could have been longer!”
– D. Capeli, Funeral Home Manager, CA

“Justin’s words made me aware of my self worth. He encouraged me to do something that I haven’t done for my entire professional life – to pat myself on the back!”
– Sal Sorice, Funeral Home Owner, CA

“One woman told me that she usually rates the speakers only at #5 but she gave you a perfect #10”
– Kenneth A. Cahall, CFSP, OFDA Past President

“Justin is a phenomenal speaker who knows how to keep his audiences interested and yet is always able to remind us that we are still human”
– Andrea Zarzycki, Funeral Director, IL

“Your speech showed me that flexibility is arguably the most important characteristic that we can possess as funeral directors.”
– Anonymous

“I loved the story about the raccoon! You’re right, it’s very hard to admit that we are less than perfect.”
– Cindy Hinton, Mortuary and Memorial Park Manager, OR

“My favorite part of the speech was ‘F-Word #5: Forever Learning’. You made me realize that the day we quit learning is the day that we become ‘business for ourselves’”.
– Kevin Korn, Funeral Director, OR

“I loved ‘F-Word #1 Family Relationships’. Sometimes in this business we forget to serve our own families. Thank you for reminding us.”
– Anonymous

“Without Family Relationships man would be like a tree without roots. Neither would grow.”
– James Dixon, Funeral Director

“F-Word #4: Forgiveness had the most meaning for me. If we don’t learn how to properly deal with conflict we can be prone to bitterness which will ultimately destroy us.”
– Chet Stewart, Mortuary CEO, NM

“Justin’s ‘Forgiveness Story’ is a real life event that has intense meaning on the brevity of life, the importance of love, and living each day as if it was your last.”
– Mark Seland, Owner, WI

“I related the best to Justin’s ‘Tapestry Story’. We all need to learn how to create meaning from both the joys and the pains of life”.
– Robert McGonigle, Funeral Director, PA

“Justin taught me that Flexibility and Fulfillment go hand in hand. I get my sense of value from being the person that helps the hurting. I truly like doing the little things that seem like nothing yet mean the world to the family.”
– Deborah Bales, Funeral Director, KY

“I related the best to Justin’s story about sitting down in the middle of his speech because in a golf tournament once, I hit my approach shot into the hot dog stand on the final hole! I can relate to his story because in a way I too sat down.”
– Jeff Jamison, Funeral Home Manager, IN

“Justin’s material, delivery and content are all excellent. He gives a magnificent performance!”
– Frank C. Dawson, President, The Dawson Funeral Home

“Justin’s presentation was humorous, informative and very well attended.”
– Angela Berwald, President, National Mortuary Shipping

“Your topic framework alone ‘The ‘F Words’ of Funeral Service’ can be readily applied to both business and personal situations.”
– Mike McGuire, Sales Representative, Reynoldsville Casket Company