Programs for Associations, Organizations, and Corporations

The following are three different presentation titles in three different topic areas; Customer Service, Leadership, and Life Balance. They are perfect for associations, organizations, and corporations.

Customer Service:

“Customer Service to Die For: Five Secrets from the Funeral Profession

“Customer Service to Die For” is Justin Zabor’s flagship customer service program. In it, Justin outlines the 5 points of creating customer experiences that have lasting impact and keep your customers and clients coming back for more. The five points are…

1) Small Acts of Service can make a Big Difference

2) Customer Service is Dead! – Customer Service as we used to know it is dead

3) The Customer is NOT always right (but the customer is always in charge!)

4) Smiling Service without Sincerity Stinks

5) Service begins and ends at Home.

As a result of experiencing this presentation, you will be educated, motivated, informed, and inspired by Justin’s actionable ideas, helpful tips, and valuable insights on how to be more successful in serving your customers. You will learn through clear examples, humorous anecdotes, and insightful observations what it takes to be the most effective professionals you can be.

Justin will prove that customer service is not some fancy buzz word – it’s an attitude that must be a way of life for your business. Service cannot just be something you do; it must be something you are. You either have it or you don’t. He will demonstrate that success in the funeral profession is not all that different than success in your organization.

Because when it comes to serving customers it’s the little things that truly make the biggest difference.


 The Passion Principle of Leadership- In Business and in Life”In this energizing speech, Justin pinpoints how to lead and to “Proceed from a Position of Passion with Power and Purpose”.

Life Balance:

 “The 7 ‘F-Words’ of Life Balance”In this inspiring presentation, Justin uncovers the secret of leading a balanced life from the perspective of one who sees the end of it.