Programs for the Funeral Profession

“The ‘F-Words’ of Funeral Service”

This speech will address the seven “F-Words” that professionals must focus on for success; 7. Finances 6. Fulfillment 5. Forever Learning 4. Forgiveness 3.  Friendship 2. Flexibility 1. Family Relationships. Justin will illustrate these critical points using humor and stories from his personal and professional experiences. Participants will walk away with practical ideas, helpful tips, and valuable insights on how to be more successful both personally and professionally.

“The Cremation of Sam McGee: A Profile of the Modern Cremation Consumer”

Sam Mc Gee was a character in a popular 20th century poem by the late Robert W. Service, but his spirit is alive and well in today’s consumer. In this presentation, Justin Zabor will paint a dynamic portrait of the 21st century cremation consumer. You will learn Who Sam Mc Gee is, What he expects, When you’ll meet him, Where you’ll find him, Why he is elusive, and most importantly, How we as professionals can best serve him.

“Media Buzzing Made Easy”

This is the story of the making of the first ever “Men of Mortuaries” national charity calendar and what one model / funeral director / professional speaker learned about the media, his community, and his business. You will learn how to write a press release for television, radio and the web, how to interact with the media, how to plan and promote events, and how community relations can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line of your business.

“Fabulous Food for Funerals”

This program describes in detail how catering services affect the bottom line for your funeral home.